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Cheryl Cole's company earns 500,000 pounds profit
Saturday, 02 November 2013 | | channel: Europe
"She recently hired the team behind One Direction band to help restart her career."
London, Nov 2 - Singer Cheryl Cole's company - CC Couture - has reportedly made a profit of 500,000 pounds in the last one year.

The 30-year-old had set set up the company in 2011 to handle her music and creative projects. Being the only director, she has pocketed the entire profit, reports

Cheryl had taken the required actions to re-launch her pop singing career.

She recently hired the team behind One Direction band to help restart her career.

The singer's star status was threatened after her failed marriage to football player Ashley Cole in 2010. She also got fired from US singing reality show The X Factor in 2011, which just added to her problems.

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