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Delhi polls campaigning ends
Monday, 02 December 2013 | | channel: India
"On the other hand, the AAP has not held any mega rallies and has limited itself to door-to-door campaigning."
New Delhi, Dec 2 - Campaigning for the Dec 4 Delhi assembly polls ended Monday evening as all three main parties - the Congress, BJP and AAP - held over 25 meetings, road shows and rallies all over the capital in a last-minute effort to woo voters.

Heavy traffic snarls were also reported from some areas as campaigners wound their way around.

In the last press conference before the polls, each party claimed to be getting clear majority, while both the Bharatiya Janata Party - and Congress have dismissed the Aam Aadmi Party - as any serious threat.

The anti-Congress wave, a swing towards the BJP and better coordination at the booth level will ensure that the BJP forms the government in Delhi with a sizeable majority, said Leader of Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj.

Party colleague and Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley said AAP's media presence was disproportionate to its following and all that needs to be seen is whether AAP would be able to make its presence felt.

On the other hand, the Congress too boasted of the development work done during its 15 years' regime and claimed that it will be voted to power for the fourth consecutive time.

Meanwhile, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal took to the streets, meeting his supporters and urging them to help him eradicate corruption.

I am meeting as many people as possible and want them to pledge that they will help me eradicate corruption. We have already done an intensive door-to-door campaigning, he said.

The party has claimed it will get between 38 to 50 seats in Delhi.

The AAP has made the Delhi assembly elections a three-way affair for the first time. Till now, the electoral battle hin the capital was always fought between the Congress and the BJP.

The BJP's campaign, led by its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi overshadowed the other two parties. His rallies, held across the city were a huge hit and were attended by thousands, whereas the Congress poll campaign led by party chief Sonia Gandhi and vice president Rahul Gandhi got a lukewarm response.

On the other hand, the AAP has not held any mega rallies and has limited itself to door-to-door campaigning.

Meanwhile, the over two dozen rallies and road shows choked many arterial roads in the city leading to heavy traffic jams, especially in parts of south and west Delhi.

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