"He was happy and satisfied when he mentioned this to IANS."
By Surender Bhutani

Warsaw, April 29 - Bollywood filmmaker Sajid Nadiadwala Monday wrapped up the Poland schedule of his directorial debut Kick.

The two-week schedule saw Nadiadwala canning the action-oriented climax with lead actors Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez and Randeep Hooda.

Kick has daredevil action, the hallmark of Salman's films these days. For instance, the Bollywood superstar had to jump from the tallest building in Warsaw, the Palace of Culture.

In another scene, a bus will be crashing from the Gdanski Bridge into the Warsaw river. Then, there is a helicopter crash.

In between, Salman and Jacqueline did some romantic scenes in the old town, a Unesco heritage site.

It has been a great experience to come to Warsaw. Our Polish partners, Film Polska, entertained our requirements sincerely. During the outdoor shooting, the Polish crowd behaved very well. They never gave us any chance to complain. It seems the charm for Bollywood is growing very fast in the country, said Nadiadwala, producer-director, of the film.

M.R. Shahjahan, executive producer of Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, also shared his excitement.

Poland is a great country and to shoot here is much cheaper. Polish Tourism is very keen to lure more Bollywood producers. The authorities want to see Poland as a destination for Bollywood films as Switzerland has become in the last three decades, thanks to Yash Raj Films, said Shahjahan, an experienced hand.

Last year he shot his film Aazaan in Krakow, which is the cultural capital of Poland.

Krzystof Solek, president of Film Polska, also expressed his satisfaction.

For us, it was a great opportunity to interact with an Indian producer. Until recently we have been producing advertisement films for our Indian customers. Now our experience with the 'Kick' unit has taught us many more things, and this will help us in the near future when other units will come to Poland to shoot, said Solek.

J.J. Singh, president of the Indo-Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry -, cooperated with both the partners and his Bollywood Lounge, a famous Indian restaurant, did the catering for the 70-member crew.

He was happy and satisfied when he mentioned this to IANS.

This was the first occasion when any Bollywood unit came to shoot in the city. A film featuring Salman Khan has added more prestige to the Indian profile in Poland. We have also heard that a new unit will arrive in the near future to shoot. The name of the film is 'Bangistan' and Riteish Deshmukh is in the main cast, said Singh.

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