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Ghaziabad, May 6 - Angry parents Tuesday clashed with the management and teachers of Ingraham Institute over a fee hike. Cross-complaints were lodged with the police.

The city's prestigious public school had defied the district magistrate's order to withdraw the proposed fee hike.

In its communication to media persons, school director Prakash Jathrow said the DM's order is applicable to public schools that availed government facilities in land allotment and agreed on allotment conditions in which reservation and free education to certain categories were imposed.

In his statement, he claimed since the Ingraham Institute is a missionary school that is not covered under the DM's order, so it is not liable to roll back its increased tuition fee.

He added the fee structure of the school is already very less while the school employees are pressurising the management to implement the provisions of the 6th Pay Commission.

The teachers are also demanding salary as per regular pay commission enforced by the education board.

Jathrow claimed 90 percent parents have deposited the fees while only 10 percent are creating problem but the school would not accede to their demands.

The parents and the school management lodged criminal cases against each other at the Kavi Nagar police station while blaming each other for the violence.

Parents' body Abhibhavak Sangh termed the school's adamant attitude as violation of rules and demanded the school director be arrested.

The school complaint with the Kavi Nagar police is false. The parents, also, have lodged a complaint with the police against the school management for which the police should act against the school for not obeying DM's order. ... said Mahesh Ahuja, patron of Abhibhavak Sangh.

Earlier, majority of the public schools rolled back their increased fees after District Magistrate S.V.S. Ranga Rao issued an order restraining the educational institutions from hiking the fees.

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