"The results:"
Chennai, June 21 - Feroze Khan began the defence of his title in the Indian Junior Touring Cars class by winning both the races run here Saturday in the second round of the 2014 MMSC-FMSCI National Racing Championship.

While Khan dominated his category, 16-year-old Tarun Reddy won the MRF Formula Ford 1600 race but his win was under investigation and Arjun Narendran topped in the Indian Touring Car race. Ajay Kini managed to hold off S Narendran to the take victory in the Formula LGB Swift race.

Reddy, who started on pole position ahead of Vikash Anand and Advait Deodhar, was slow off the blocks. Reddy then cut across Anand forcing him to back off.

Thereafter, Reddy was unbeatable as he set fastest lap after lap to take the chequered flag with ease. Behind him was Deodhar with Lee Keshav pipping Siddharth Trivellore to third place on the final lap. However, after the race, Reddy was still under investigation for forcing Anand off the track at the start.

For Khan, it was a perfect start as he survived a great battle with Senthil for three laps before the latter retired. From there, Khan led comfortably to take the first win of the season ahead of Fahad Kutty who fought hard to finish second while Ashish Ramaswamy came in third.

The second race in the IJTC class began with a reverse-grid with Khan starting fourth on the grid. Sidharth B had a good start with Kutty right next to him as they headed into the first corner.

Both drivers came together in Turn 8 and went off track losing valuable places. It put Ashish Ramaswamy in the lead with Khan all over him. Khan made his move on lap 4 and made it stick putting him in the lead. Thereafter, Khan held on to take his second win of the day while Ramaswamy came in second followed by Gokul Krishna.

In the Indian Touring Cars race, Arjun Narendran started on pole position and nursed his early lead to win while Ashish Ramaswamy finished second ahead of Vidyuth Iyer who got past veteran B Vijaykumar with three laps to go.

In the first ever Super Stock category race that was concurrently run with the ITC class, Bala Vijay won from Joel Joseph and Kashif Kapadia.

The LGB Formula Swift race saw Ajay Kini winning comfortably ahead of last year's champion Narendran and Chetan Korda who did well to finish on the podium after starting 10th after battling out with Goutam Parekh.

The race witnessed a scary moment as the only woman on the grid Sneha Sharma survived a huge shunt as her car went airborne but landed safely.

The results:

Indian Junior Touring Cars - Race 1: Feroze Khan 1, Fahad Kutty 2, Ashish Ramaswamy 3. Race 2: Feroze Khan 1, Ashish Ramaswamy 2, Gokul Krishna 3. Indian Touring Cars: Arjun Narendran 1, Ashish Ramaswamy 2, Vidyuth Aiyer 3. LGB Formula Swift: Ajay Kini 1, S Narendran 2, Chetan Korda 3.

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