Valencia (Spain), June 28 (IANS/EFE) Napoli manager Rafael Benitez said that the FIFA World Cup so far has been remarkable, showcasing the superiority of South American teams over European big names like Spain, Italy, England, Croatia, Portugal and Russia.

Analysing the group stages on his personal website under the title The European Riddle, the Spaniard pointed out that despite the Latino dominance, the hosts present nothing special tactically with phases of intense pressure and others in which the team looked in no hurry but as ever they have players who alone can win a game, referring to Neymar, reports EFE.

As for Mexico, Benitez said that they achieved their goal and beat Croatia, who again started the game well, losing energy and ultimately making way for the superiority of Mexico.

Mexico finished second in Group A and will face Netherlands in a game that will not be easy for either of the two teams.

About Colombia, Benitez pointed out that their coach Argentine Jose Pekerman, ushered in new players and they did not disappoint contributing to a good match against Japan.

Colombia beat Japan 4-1 despite having already qualified for the Round of 16 where they face Uruguay Saturday.

Colombia qualified with a good defensive balance and a great attack -- all reinforced by motivation and a group that now believes more in itself, Benitez added.

Talking about Costa Rica's game against England, Benitez said, Costa Rica opened the game with security and was more offensive than in other matches, persevering with the same error but had not paid for it earlier when committed against Italy.

About Uruguay's game against Italy, the coach described that the turning point in the game was the expulsion of Marchisio which was highly protested by the Italians but ultimately left them at a disadvantage, though still with a tie on the scoreboard.

However, Godin once again proved decisive with a corner and a goal, forcing Italy to attack.

These minutes were the best with Italy driving the ball, making walls and creating danger in the opponent's area. Ultimately, this did not change the score and allowed to knock out another of the big European teams, he concluded.



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