"The Ghaziabad police are questioning Amit. "
Ghaziabad, July 4 - The Ghaziabad police Friday took into custody a criminal who was undergoing treatment in a hospital.

Meerut Range Deputy Inspector General (DIG) K. Satyanarayana said Amit alias Saddam of Baghpat, carrying a reward of Rs.1 lakh on his head, was undergoing treatment for bullet injuries at the Yashoda Hospital in Ghaziabad.

Following an intelligence tip off, a team of Ghaziabad police, comprising Indirapuram inspector Rashid Ali and personnel from the Crime Branch, contacted the hospital administration.

In a medico legal case wherein a person is injured or harmed in any way and needs medical attention, it is the legal duty of the doctor to report it to the nearest police station immediately after completing primary life saving medical care.

Here also, the hospital sent a memo to the police informing them that Amit was undergoing treatment.

The Supreme Court in Parmanand Katara v. Union of India (1989) case said the patient whether he be an innocent person or a criminal liable to punishment under the laws of the society, it is the obligation of those who are incharge of the health of the community to preserve life...

The Ghaziabad police after confirming Amit's identity, took him into custody and seized his belongings, including an Alto car.

It is not known how the criminal received the bullet injuries.

DIG Satyanarayana said director general of UP Police had announced the reward for arresting Amit dead or alive a long time ago. He added a recommendation to enhance the reward to Rs.2 lakh was under consideration.

The Ghaziabad police are questioning Amit.

Amit has over 25 criminal cases, including murder, robbery, extortion, kidnapping, kidnapping for ransom and contract killing registered against him in different police stations of Baghpat and adjoining districts.

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