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Mumbai, July 18 - National award winning director and screenwriter Neeraj Ghaywan says that writers in today's time are pre-censoring their screenplays and the reason behind this is the constant resistance that artistes face from various factions for showing true picture.

Ghaywan has directed a digital film to flag off Quaker's 'Fuel For The Real Fit' campaign that focuses on mental healthiness with right food.

Talking about how difficult or easy is it for makers like him to have his mental fitness intact especially when there is so much of restriction related to freedom of expression, he says that it gets frustrating but you have to say what you want to say.

Artists often face resistance from various factions. The result is that writers are now pre-censoring their screenplays. We are shying away from depicting a truer picture of our times and passing on to future generations, Ghaywan, who has previously directed Masaan told IANS.

Sometimes you feel like giving up, but you have to look at the larger picture. Clarity and focus are extremely crucial in these times, and mental strength, in addition to physical endurance becomes more than a necessity, he added.

The campaign promises to mobilize a purposeful conversation that moves beyond physical perceptions and redefines the real fit individuals in our lives.

It celebrates young Indians with an inherent zest to achieve more - the everyday athletes and through this digital film Quaker fuels all those spirited individuals with its healthy breakfast serve.

So what is the fuel for film directors to be real fit?

Ghaywan said: Film directors are driven by passion, but that alone isn't enough. The primary fuel is the relentless urge-- to question, to find meaning and to create. However it is essential for us to be physical and mentally fit to pursue any of it. Good food and a healthy diet keeps our passion alive. Through Quaker's Fuel For The Real Fit film we are trying to communicate the same.



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