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Nairobi, Nov 3 - Twelve people lost their lives and 60 were injured in protests against the October 26 election results in Kenya, the country's national human rights institution reported on Friday.

In the report, the Kenyan National Commission on Human Rights investigators confirmed these 12 deaths occurred between October 25 and 27, mainly during confrontations with the police in western Kenya, including in Kisumu and Homa Bay, traditional strongholds of the opposition, Efe reported.

Between 25th and 27th October, the Commission has documented 12 cases of death; one minor and 11 males aged between 18 and 45 years. 60 injuries, the youngest victim being a 10 year old, the KNCHR said.

Between the election on August 8 and that on October 26, the KNCHR was able to confirm up to 54 deaths and more than 150 injured.

Supporters of the opposition Super National Alliance coalition protested against the re-run of the presidential elections and, in some western areas, prevented the vote from taking place, claiming that the elections lacked democratic guarantees.

NASA boycotted the elections after the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission did not carry out the reforms demanded by the opposition to ensure that the irregularities found in the Aug. 8 elections would not be repeated.

In the October 26 elections, President Uhuru Kenyatta ran only against minority candidates, so he won over 98 percent of the votes in an election that saw a turnout of 39 per cent.

To prevent further episodes of violence, the KNCHR called on all political leaders to embark on interventions that will restore the integrity, peace, love and unity of our beloved nation.

The commission criticized that both political sides have only made statements that, continued to deeply polarize and divide the nation especially along ethnic and regional lines.

Such a hostile political environment provides room for escalation of gross human rights violations, especially on the vulnerable members of society, the report said.



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