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Kuknoor says no movie on Telengana issue right now
Wednesday, 14 December 2011 | | channel: India
"Kukunoor also signed a deal with Kolkata-based production house Remac Filmz for his next Hindi venture."
Kolkata, Dec 14 - Acclaimed Hyderabadi filmmaker Nagesh Kukunoor, known for his creations based on social issues, Wednesday said he has no plans to make a movie on Telengana.

'It isn't necessary that every issue needs to be addressed in films. Movies are not just a platform to project issues, they have to first entertain, which is my primary thrust,' said Kukunoor when asked if he would make a movie on the Telengana issue.

However, the filmmaker said he would consider bringing in the Telengana issue if he will ever make a movie on his home town Hyderabad.

There has been a long standing demand for a separate state of Telangana to be carved out of Andhra Pradesh and the pro-Telengana agitators want Hyderabad to be the capital, if the new state is formed.

'I am not saying no to a Telengana based movie. The films right now I am mulling don't give me space for that. If I am making a movie on Hyderabad, then that is an issue to address. But right now I am not doing that,' said Kukunnor who made films like 'Hyderabad Blues' and 'Dor'.

Kukunoor said just because some issues were close to his heart did not mean he would make them central to his movie.

'If there are issues I feel strongly about like women equality etc, I will creep it into the movie, I will not make it the central issue,' said the director, who won the National Film Award for the Best Film on other social issues for 'Iqbal', which dealt with the life of a deaf and mute cricket obsessed boy from a remote village.

Kukunoor also signed a deal with Kolkata-based production house Remac Filmz for his next Hindi venture.

'Nothing has been finalised as of yet about the movie, but most probably it won't be a love story because my last film was a love story,' he said adding that he would love to make a movie based on the city which is known for its rich culture and heritage.

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