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Onno Ruhl is World Bank's new country director for India
Monday, 10 September 2012 | http://www.nerve.in/news:253500470035 | channel: Americas
"The World Bank's $23 billion-portfolio in India covers 76 active investment projects."
Washington, Sep 10 - Onno Ruhl, a Dutch national, has taken over as World Bank's new country director for India, replacing N. Roberto Zagha, who is due to retire from the bank by October end.

Ruhl was previously the director for Operations Services and Quality in the South Asia region of the World Bank.

His strong experience on finance and operations, and his leadership skills, will ensure that the bank's strategy for India is formulated and implemented in order to support the development objectives of one of our most important clients in these challenging times, said Isabel Guerrero, World Bank vice president for the South Asia region, announcing Ruhl's appointment.

Ruhl joined the bank in 1993 as country officer for Moldova and Armenia. He has since held various positions within the bank in East and Central Asia as well as Africa.

Prior to working in the bank, Ruhl was with the ministry of foreign affairs of the Netherlands government and was also the alternate director on the Board of the Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency.

He started his career teaching economics in Alkmaar in the Netherlands.

The World Bank's $23 billion-portfolio in India covers 76 active investment projects.

During FY12, the bank's board approved $3 billion in funding for 10 new projects for India spanning a range of sectors including infrastructure, education, health and rural development.

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