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I won't turn director: Paresh Rawal
Monday, 08 October 2012 | | channel: India
"Paresh is also happy that new people are foraying into filmdom with fresh ideas and creativity."
New Delhi, Oct 8 - From acting to producing films to doing theatre, he has done it all with aplomb. But Paresh Rawal is not inclined to direct a film and says he is happy being an actor.

I am happy as an actor, I won't turn director. I am not cut out for direction in my mindset, Paresh told IANS.

He has been involved in the production of TV shows like Teen Bahuraaniyaan and Laagi Tuzhse Lagan. Recently, he ventured into film production with Oh My God, based on his Gujarati play.

Comparing the theatre culture between Mumbai and Delhi, Paresh rues that despite good infrastructure, the culture in the capital is not pleasurable.

In Mumbai, theatre is still a big thing and in Delhi despite so many drama institutes, very less performances happen. People don't come here to perform because they know tickets won't sell as everyone here wants passes, he said.

Mumbai is the capital of Hindi, Marathi and Gujarati plays and one really enjoys it. I will always keep doing it because it helps me immensely as an actor, he added.

Meanwhile, Paresh is happy with the growth of filmdom. From being organised to getting disciplined, Paresh says the Hindi film industry has come a long way.

Pointing out positive changes in fildom, he said: Regardless of being good or bad, we have started getting a bound script. The films get completed in a designated time. The work ethics have also changed. Ninety percent of the people work on one film at a time, so there is discipline. Even financial structure is good. So overall, it's a very good scenario.

Paresh is also happy that new people are foraying into filmdom with fresh ideas and creativity.

New directors are entering the industry, new writers, new ideas and new roles being created, which is a really nice thing for an actor, the 62-year-old added.

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