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Two Indian warships dock in Mozambique
Sunday, 04 November 2012 | | channel: Africa
"Piracy - has reduced at the moment, but we are still concerned about it, the minister said."
Maputo, Nov 4 - Two Indian warships have docked in the Mozambican capital as part of a goodwill visit.

The vessels arrived in Maputo Friday night from South Africa. They will be in our port for two days, Defence Minister Filipe Nyusi told Xinhua Saturday.

Nyusi said the defence cooperation between the two countries will further strengthen from this visit.

Military officers of the two sides were expected to hold talks on anti-piracy missions, and the Indian soldiers were to train the Mozambican defence personnel to fight piracy.

The warships arrived here after participating in a joint military exercise involving South Africa, India and Brazil. The Indian mission will return home Sunday.

Piracy - has reduced at the moment, but we are still concerned about it, the minister said.

The Mozambican government has also signed an agreement with South Africa and Tanzania to fight piracy along their territorial waters.

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