London | 1 year ago
BBC faces probe after 200 managers get 100,000-pound pay-offs
London, Dec 26 - The National Audit Office of Britain will launch an investigation after the BBC reportedly gave 200 senior managers pay-offs of more than 100,000 pounds each in the past three years, the Daily Telegraph reported.Lawmakers have said that leaving the BBC was like winning the lottery.George Entwistle, a former director-general, was given a payoff of 450,000 pounds, double the amount ... read more

Beijing | 1 year ago
Fraud uncovered in Chinese projects with foreign loans
Beijing, June 19 - China has uncovered fraud worth 237 million yuan - in projects that used loans from foreign organisations, including the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and the UN Development Programme.Auditors uncovered fund misappropriation in six projects, the China Daily reported citing the National Audit Office. The fraud was detected in an audit conducted last year on 99 government pr ... read more

London | 2 years ago
Britain makes it tough for Pakistani students
London, April 13 - Britain has decided to make it tough for Pakistani students to step on the English soil, following a pilot scheme finding as many as four in ten applicants may be bogus.British Home Office figures have revealed that thousands of student visa applicants cannot speak English, despite claiming they want to study here, the Daily Mail reported.Home Secretary Theresa May has now decre ... read more

Beijing | 2 years ago
$77 million embezzled from Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail project
Beijing, March 19 - China's auditing authorities Monday said 491 million yuan - has been embezzled from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway project.Some local units along the railway link extracted, intercepted or misappropriated 491 million yuan that was intended to act as demolition and relocation funds, the National Audit Office - said in a report based on an audit conducted between June an ... read more

London | 2 years ago
New British jets can't land on aircraft carriers
London, Jan 16 - Fifty new fighter jets bought by Britain from US at a cost of five billion pounds - cannot land on aircraft carriers because of a faulty hook that snags the war planes.The 50 Joint Strike Fighter jets were bought by the Royal Navy from US defence contractor Lockheed Martin, The Sun reported.The jets have a hook underneath which catches a wire on the ship's deck to stop them when t ... read more

London | 2 years ago
British women are more obese
London, Nov 26 - In very alarming statistics, it has been found that Brtish women are more obese, and at young age too - so fat that it threatens their health.Experts are especially concerned by the young age at which so many women here are developing serious weight problems, said researcher Claire Bates, the Daily Mail reported.A disturbing 16 per cent of young women aged 18-24 are obese - up to ... read more

Beijing | 2 years ago
China's local government debts over 10 trillion yuan
Beijing, June 27 - China announced the size of its local governments' debts for the first time Monday -- it totals 10.72 trillion yuan -.Liu Jiayi, the auditor-general of the National Audit Office, said in a report submitted to China's top legislature that local government debts totalled 10.72 trillion yuan - by the end of 2010. Only 54 county governments out of more than 2,800 in the country had ... read more

Melbourne | 2 years ago
Universities reel as Indian students ditch Australia
Melbourne, June 2 - Australian universities and vocational training providers are in serious worry mode. More dismal international student enrolment figures are coming out, with the number of Indians in particular reporting a sharp fall.Australian education institutes have reported a further fall of 8.7 percent in international enrolments in the first quarter of the year compared with the same pe ... read more

Beijing | 3 years ago
China's government insurance firms commit $455 mn fraud
Beijing, Feb 1 - China's two leading state-owned insurance companies have been found guilty of defrauding more than three billion yuan - in 2009, the country's national auditor has revealed.The financial misconducts were found during the audit of the two largest insurers - China Life Insurance - Company - and People's Insurance Company - of China Ltd - - the National Audit Office - said Monday.T ... read more

6 years ago
Chinese parliament stamps on premier's cabinet nominations
Beijing, March 17 - The National People's Congress -, China's parliament, Monday approved the new line-up of the State Council, nominated by Prime Minister Wen Jiabao. Li Keqiang, Hui Liangyu, Zhang Dejiang and Wang Qishan are the new vice-premiers, with Liu Yandong, Liang Guanglie, Ma Kai, Meng Jianzhu and Dai Bingguo as state councillors and Ma Kai as secretary-general of the cabinet. The NP ... read more

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