9 days ago
Even physicists avoid mathematics: Study

London, Nov 12 (IANS) Physicists avoid highly mathematical work despite being trained in advanced mathematics, a new study suggests. The study, published in the New Journal of Physics, shows that physicists pay less attention to theories that are crammed with mathematical details. The researchers found using statistical analysis of the number of citations to 2,000 articles in a ...

1 year ago
New technique to hunt for Earth-like planets

London, Feb 18 (IANS) German researchers have developed a new technique that will help astronomers hunt for Earth-like planets around distant stars with ease. The team has successfully demonstrated how a solar telescope can be combined with a piece of technology that has already taken the physics world by storm - the laser frequency comb (LFC). The LFC is a tool for measuring the...

5 years ago
'Antimagnet' could protect ships, people with pacemakers

London, Sep 26 - A new type of an anti-magnet could protect a ship's hull from mines or allow patients with pacemakers or cochlear implants to use medical equipment. Take, for example, a patient with a pacemaker undergoing an MRI scan. If an MRI's large magnetic field interacts with the pacemaker, it can cause serious damage to both the device and the patient. The metal in the pacem...

5 years ago
New tool to spy on molecules in live cells

Washington, May 22 - The ability to peer at single biological molecules in a living cell is something that has long been a dream of researchers. However, a novel technique, using the structure of diamond, may well be able to do this and potentially provide a tool for diagnosing and developing a treatment for hard-to-cure diseases such as cancer. Researchers at the Texas A&M Universit...

6 years ago
Harry Potter's invisibility cloak may become a reality

London, Nov 4 - A new material designed by British scientists could help create a real-life Harry Potter-style 'invisibility cloak'. The material, called 'Metaflex' may in future provide a way of manufacturing fabrics that manipulate light. Metamaterials have already been developed that bend and channel light to render objects invisible at longer wavelengths, says the New Journal of ...

6 years ago
Secret behind football's best free kick revealed

London, Sep 2 - The secret behind the 'best free kick' ever in football, by Brazilian player Roberto Carlos, which saw the ball curve around 30 feet and land inside the goal post, has finally been revealed. Considered one of the most incredible goals in international football, the free kick was no fluke, physicists have claimed, according to the Daily Telegraph. Roberto Carlos kicke...

7 years ago
Uncovering Earth's past, predicting its future

Washington, May 27 - Scientists have evolved a formula which will unravel how and why our climate moved us on from ice ages to warmer periods. Similarly, researchers will be able to tackle ecological studies that are currently incomplete or distorted. Why do populations of animals like rabbits and foxes fluctuate so dramatically? Which factors most heavily influence population decline an...

8 years ago
Firing photons makes advance in space communication

For the first time, physicists have been able to identify individual returning photons after firing and reflecting them off of a space satellite in orbit almost 1,500 kilometres above the earth. The experiment has proven the possibility of constructing a quantum channel between Space and Earth. Research published on Friday, 28 March, in the New Journal of Physics, discusses the feasibi...

8 years ago
World's strongest beetle is also camouflage specialist

London, March 11 (IANS) The Hercules Beetle, which can carry 850 times its own weight and is possibly the 'strongest' of its kind in the world, is teaching scientists a thing or two about its remarkable camouflaging abilities. The beetle has a colour-changing trick that scientists have long sought to understand. A report in the latest issue of the New Journal of Physics h...

9 years ago
Stopping atoms

With atoms and molecules in a gas moving at thousands of kilometres per hour, physicists have long sought a way to slow them down to a few kilometres per hour to trap them. A paper, published today in the Institute of Physics’ New Journal of Physics, demonstrates how a group of physicists from The University of Texas at Austin, US, have found a way to slow down, stop and explore a much wide...

9 years ago
Dust to dust - outer space makes dust 'come alive'

Hamburg, Aug 21 (DPA) The biblical admonition of all life going from 'dust to dust' has taken a new twist with scientific findings that non-organic cosmic dust particles can in fact 'come to life' under certain circumstances. The new research, published in the New Journal of Physics, found non-organic dust, when held in the form of plasma in zero gravity, formed the helical structures found...

9 years ago
'It might be life, Jim...', physicists discover inorganic dust with lifelike qualities

Could extraterrestrial life be made of corkscrew-shaped particles of interstellar dust? Intriguing new evidence of life-like structures that form from inorganic substances in space are revealed today in the New Journal of Physics. The findings hint at the possibility that life beyond earth may not necessarily use carbon-based molecules as its building blocks. They also point to a possible new expl...

12 years ago
Supernova warning system will give astronomers earlier notice

SNEWS could allow astronomers a chance to make unprecedented observations of the very early turn-on of the supernova, wrote the authors of an article about the new system in the September issue of the New Journal of Physics They also noted that no supernova has ever been observed soon after its birth. Big stars end their lives in explosive gravitational collapses so complete that ev...

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