Los Angeles | 2 days ago
Yoga may be the answer to infertility
Los Angeles, April 17 - Too much stress may cause infertility among women, says a new research. An expert suggests that yoga and meditation could help in battling with the problem.Former science teacher and yoga therapist, Aliona Salaru says that stress affects the normal hormone balance in women's body and can result in major inconception, reports to become pregnant can a ... read more

Sydney | 21 days ago
Reverse erectile dysfunction with lifestyle changes
Sydney, March 29 - Reduce weight, improve nutrition, exercise more, drink less alcohol and have a better night's sleep to bring sexual pleasure back in life without medication, a promising research shows.Men suffering from sexual dysfunction can be successful at reversing their problem by focusing on lifestyle factors and not just relying on medication, according to researchers at University of Ad ... read more

London | 22 days ago
Treat sexual problems in lung cancer patients on priority: Experts
London, March 28 - Raising an issue that has been ignored for long in the case of lung cancer patients, experts have urged physicians to pay more attention on how such patients suffer difficulties with sexual expression and intimacy.It is time that doctors and scientists paid more attention to this important issue, suggested Stephane Droupy from University Hospital of Nimes, France.He was addressi ... read more

London | 3 months ago
Children 'accommodate' abusers at home: study
London, Dec 25 - It is often reported that children react to sexual and physical abuse at home in unpredictable ways, making it hard to join the dots and reach a conclusion.Now, new research tries to explain children's behaviour in response to abuse and could aid in intervention and the right treatment.Carmit Katz of Tel Aviv University's Bob Shapell School of Social Work found that when parents a ... read more

Washington | 1 year ago
Bulging waist damages sexual, urinary functions
Washington, Aug 1 - For all you men out there - a bulging waist not only spells higher risk of blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes but also damages your sexual life and causes frequent urination, reveals a recent study.The study by New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center is the first to comprehensively show that obesity in men affects not just their hearts and metabolism ... read more

Washington | 1 year ago
Handlebars affect female cyclists' genital health
Washington, July 10 - The level of bicycle handlebars can affect genital sensation among female cyclists, according to a new research.Researchers led by Marsha K. Guess of Yale University School of Medicine evaluated bicycle setup in terms of the link between the seat and the handlebars involving 48 competitive women cyclists.They measured saddle pressures and sensation in the genital region to se ... read more

London | 2 years ago
Watching online porn turning men hopeless in bed
London, Oct 22 - If you have been one of those who have always enjoyed watching pornography, it's time to stop. New research has found that online pornography is creating a generation of young men who are hopeless in the bedroom.Exposure to lurid images and films in the new media is de-sensitising so many young individuals that they are increasingly unable to turn excited by ordinary sexual encoun ... read more

London | 2 years ago
Unhealthy lifestyle linked to sexual problems
London, July 7 - Weight problems, physical inactivity, excessive drinking, smoking, and hard drugs -- facets of an unhealthy lifestyle may be linked with sexual malfunctioning in men.Additionally, people who are sexually inactive also tend to have unhealthy lifestyles, says a new study from Denmark.Researchers led by associate professor Morten Frisch, of Statens Serum Institut, Denmark, used natio ... read more

London | 2 years ago
Weight loss improves testosterone levels
London, Jun 5 - Obese men who lose weight can secrete more testosterone, the principal male sex hormone.Low testosterone levels and symptoms of male sex-related problems due to obesity may be reversible with weight loss after bariatric - surgery, latest reserach says. 'Morbidly obese men have a high prevalence of hypotestosteronenemia, or low testosterone, and of sexual dysfunction,' said study co ... read more

London | 2 years ago
Viagra reverses nerve disease: Study
London, May 22 - Anti-impotence drug Viagra drastically reduces symptoms of multiple sclerosis - which affects the brain and spinal nerve cells - in animal models, says a study.The research by Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona - in Spain shows that a practically complete recovery occurs in 50 percent of the animals after eight days of treatment. Researchers are hopeful of clinical trials with pati ... read more

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