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26 days ago
Modified Indian combat jet to test-fire supersonic cruise missile next year

New Delhi, Dec 13 (IANS) They are both of Russian origin and are made in India. Some time next year, a modified combat jet will test-fire a supersonic cruise missile in what will amount to a quantum leap in the firepower of the Indian Air Force (IAF). This will also make the BrahMos nuclear-capable short-range missile, a joint project between India's Defence Research and Development Orga...

4 months ago
New technology may reduce wind energy costs

London, Aug 15 (IANS) The efficiency of wind turbines can be increased and repair costs reduced through a new technique developed by engineers from the University of Sheffield. The novel technique can predict when bearings inside wind turbines fail which could make wind energy cheaper. Unexpected bearing failures are a common problem in wind turbines. By removing the risk...

6 months ago
US military developing hypersonic jet

Washington, July 6 (IANS) Giving more teeth to its combat prowess, the US military is reportedly developing a hypersonic jet plane that could soar at up to five times the speed of sound. The jet will be faster than a bullet, which generally travels at Mach 2, or twice the speed of sound. The new hypersonic vehicle, which could take flight by 2023, builds upon research from a 2013...

6 months ago
New antenna to make spaceship landing safer

New York, June 21 (IANS) There's a new way now to maintain communication with spacecraft -- sometimes lost for several moments -- as they re-enter the atmosphere. The key lies in tweaking with the antenna, the researchers said. Even routine communication blackouts with a returning spacecraft can create moments of anxiety as there is no way to know or control the location and stat...

7 months ago
NASA successfully tests 'flying saucer' for Mars mission

Washington, June 9 (IANS) After a series of weather-related delays, NASA has successfully tested its revolutionary flying saucer that will help land heavier payloads on the surface of long-distance planets, including Mars. NASA's Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) project completed its second flight test when the saucer-shaped craft splashed down safely in the Pacific Ocean off th...

7 months ago
NASA to build eco-friendly, supersonic jets

New York, June 8 (IANS) The US space agency NASA said it is spending over $6 million to fund research into cheaper and greener supersonic travel, reported Quartz. While modern fighter jets can fly faster than the speed of sound, the environmental impact is relatively small as not many fighter jets are in operation at a given time. However, the impact on environment would be massi...

7 months ago
Weather plays killjoy for NASA's flying saucer launch

Washington, June 6 (IANS) First high waves in the Pacific Ocean and now ill winds are playing spoilsport for the launch of NASA's flying saucer from a test range in Hawaii. NASA had to postpone the balloon-borne launch of its rocket-powered craft from a test range in Hawaii repeatedly due to weather concerns, NBCNews.com reported. The saucer-shaped Low Density Supersonic Decelera...

8 months ago
A plant that leads to diamond deposits

New York, May 11 (IANS) A geologist has found a rare African plant that prefers to grow on diamond-bearing kimberlite rocks. The plant, identified as Pandanus candelabrum, is the first indicator species for diamond-bearing rocks, Stephen Haggerty, researcher at Florida International University in Miami, told Science magazine. The thorny, palmlike plant in Liberia grows on top of kimberli...

10 months ago
India to test flight reusable rocket soon

New Delhi, March 4 (IANS) India will conduct a test flight of a reusable launch vehicle by the second quarter of this year to reduce the cost of satellite launches, union minister Jitendra Singh said on Wednesday. Replying to a question in the Lok Sabha, the minister of state for department of space said the rocket's 1.5-tonne technology demonstrator would be lofted to a height of 70 km ...

1 year ago
In a first, Hawking radiation mimicked in lab settings

London, Oct 14 (IANS) Scientists have created a lab-scale imitation of a black hole that emits Hawking radiation - the particles predicted to escape black holes due to quantum mechanical effects. Such objects could one day help resolve the so-called 'black hole information paradox' - the question of whether information that falls into a black hole disappears forever, a report in the jour...

1 year ago
Scientists reveal weather map, trace water on exoplanet

Washington, Oct 10 (IANS) Using the NASA Hubble Space Telescope, a team of scientists including an Indian-origin researcher has made the most detailed map ever of the temperature of an exoplanet's atmosphere and traced the amount of water it contains. The planet targeted for both the investigations was the hot-Jupiter exoplanet WASP-43b. WASP-43b is a planet the size of Jupiter b...

1 year ago
Friction and fractures inter-related, may explain earthquakes

London, July 9 (IANS) In a major breakthrough that has implications for describing the mechanics that drive earthquakes, researchers have discovered that how things break (fracture) and how things slide (friction) are closely inter-related. The findings overturning conventional wisdom stretching all the way to Leonardo da Vinci. Over 500-years-ago, da Vinci described how rough blocks...

1 year ago
Black hole trio may explain Einstein's Theory of Relativity

London, June 26 (IANS) In a major breakthrough for astronomers in their search for gravitational waves as predicted by Einstein, scientists have discovered three closely orbiting super massive black holes in a galaxy more than four billion light years away. Examining six systems thought to contain two super massive black holes, the researchers found that one of them contained three super ma...

1 year ago
Supersonic air travel to make a comeback?

Washington, June 19 (IANS) Supersonic passenger travel may soon make a comeback thanks to NASA's efforts to define a new standard for low sonic booms. Sufficient research has been done into developing a low-boom standard for the civil aviation industry, NASA said in a statement. Lessening sonic booms - shock waves caused by an aircraft flying faster than the speed of sound - is the m...

1 year ago
NASA to test launch first supersonic vehicle for Mars

Washington, May 21 (IANS) NASA has fully assembled its Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD), the first supersonic saucer-shaped vehicle that could help scientists explore the surface of Mars, as it gears up for a flight test next month. The flight test is scheduled to take place at the US Navy's Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) on Kauai, Hawaii June 3, the space agency announced.<...

1 year ago
Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo completes test flight

Washington, Jan 11 - Virgin Galactic's space tourism vehicle, SpaceShipTwo, recorded a new high Friday on its third rocket-powered supersonic test flight. The passenger-carrying reusable space vehicle departed from Mojave Air and Space Port in California at 7.22 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on its WhiteKnightTwo mothership, which took it to the planned altitude of 14,020 metres -. At the cont...

2 years ago
Tests underway for Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle

Hyderabad, Nov 20 - A series of tests are underway for India's first Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle - and this will get a boost with the wind tunnel facility coming up here. Defence Research and Development Organisation - is confident that HSTDV, which has already achieved 6.5 Mach, will achieve its aim of scramjet flight for 20 seconds. Mach is commonly used to represent...

2 years ago
'Shortcut Romeo' cooly crafted cat-and-mouse game

Film: Shortcut Romeo; Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ameesha Patel and Puja Gupta; Director: Susi Ganesh; Rating; *** There are two ways of doing a full-on masala film. You either turn it on its head and poke fun at ridiculous cinematic conventions. Or you treat the stereotypical characters and sacred cows of our cinema with full seriousness. Shortcut Romeo takes the midway route. It s...

2 years ago
'Shortcut Romeo' cooly crafted cat-and-mouse game

Film: Shortcut Romeo; Cast: Neil Nitin Mukesh, Ameesha Patel and Puja Gupta; Director: Susi Ganesh; Rating; *** There are two ways of doing a full-on masala film. You either turn it on its head and poke fun at ridiculous cinematic conventions. Or you treat the stereotypical characters and sacred cows of our cinema with full seriousness. Shortcut Romeo takes the midway route. It seems...

2 years ago
US aircraft flies at over five times speed of sound

Washington, May 4 - The US Air Force announced its X-51A Waverider aircraft has achieved the longest hypersonic flight in history, flying for three and a half minutes on scramjet power at more than five times the speed of sound. The final flight of the unmanned aircraft built by Boeing reached Mach 5.1 over the Pacific Ocean May 1. It travelled over 230 nautical miles in just over six minut...

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